A Word from Pastor Jim

Thank you for your interest in Elders Baptist Church.  We hope that our web site helps you learn more about our church.  Allow me to tell you some things about our church that a web site can’t.  Elders is a great place to build lasting relationships.  We offer small group Bible studies, fellowship events, and mission opportunities that place a high priority on building relationships.  Essentially, the human side of the work of the church is done through relationships.  At the center of all of God’s commands is love.  We need to be loved and we need to love others. 

Another core belief at Elders is missions.  Each summer about 40 people from our church travel to a city in the USA to help build a church building.  We call this group Builders for Christ.  A few years ago, we began sending mission teams to Costa Rica to minister to children and teens living in the slums of that country.  For one week each summer, our teenagers travel to different states or to Canada to participate in missions with churches in those areas.  Our Vacation Bible School and AWANA Clubs help teach the importance of missions to our children.  Elders is also involved in local ministry projects such as helping with the Celtic Canter for Cancer and collecting Easter Baskets for the Shepherd's Staff, to name a few.  If you are ready to get your hands dirty serving the Lord, Elders may be what you are looking for. 

Finally, our worship services offer a blended style of music and uncompromising biblical preaching that exalts the Lord Jesus Christ. Allow me to extend to you and your family a personal invitation to join us for worship next Sunday.  It is my prayer that every guest of Elders will find their place of service and a place where they can worship God with their brothers and sisters in Christ!  If that place is Elders, I look forward to getting to know you.  If God wants you to serve and worship Him at another church, I’m ok with that.  Churches are not in competition with each other.  Let us all be faithful to Him who is always faithful to us.


                                                                                            Jim Edmonson

                                                                                            Senior Pastor

                                                                                            Elders Baptist Church

  June 2021  
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