Builders for Christ Mission Team

The Builders for Christ Mission Team is a team consisting of Elders and teams from churches all over the East Coast.  The mission of Builders for Christ is to assist churches in building new buildings or additions.  Builders seeks to help churches construct buildings for reaching the surrounding communities as well as keeping costs down for the recipient church.  The team is full of volunteers of various construction skills from master builder to those who have never lifted a tool.  It is a great experience for the whole family.

Builders for Christ is usually involved in the following:  drywall, framing, setting the steeple, siding installation, insulating, and building the stage among other things.  There are also teams for meal provision, praying, VBS for little children, and the snack team (Frozen grapes are a favorite).

**Special Announcement from Jim Collins and Kathy Ferrell concerning the Builders for Christ Trip**


I am sure many of you have been wondering about our building project for this summer.  There has been a lot going on behind the scene and as of this moment - things are still not quite certain-But here is what we know for sure.

*The Connecticut project - The River Church project won't occur in June - due to the virus as well as other planning problems.

*The River Church project is scheduled to occur in August - probably the third week.

*The leadership team is looking at an alternative project for the same week in June (June 26-July 3) in Abington, MD.  They will need drywall and siding.

   Our participation in the project is in the process of being approved by the Church Trustees.   We are also dependent on  the local authorities for our gathering numbers.

While there are many uncertainties, what we know for sure is that God is in  control; and what we can participate in depends on Him.  Pray about what your participation might look like - and we realize that everyone is different (some don't feel comfortable coming, and that is fine).   

Here are some possible questions and answers as we know them right now.

  1. Can I go on both trips?-- YES!!!
  2. Can I go on just one trip or part of the week?   YES
  3. Can I get a refund if I have already paid for this trip and can't go? -Yes, contact Jim Collins at or your local church
  4. Will this look like a normal trip?  Probably not, we anticipate the group being a lot smaller as well as other differences.
  5. Will Lori and Christine still feed us 3 meals a day?  Probably - but the Maryland trip may be drive each day for some or most, so we will see.
  6. What if I am really uncomfortable with going?  Stay home!! - you need to take care of yourself and your family.
  7. Will we have a trip next year?  YES!!!
  8. Will we be able to stay in church members homes?   Maybe-still uncertain on either trip
  9. Can I bring a camper?   Yes to the Connecticut project, not sure on the Maryland one
  10. Will we still do a day trip?  Hard to say, depends on when things open up and everyone's comfort level

If you have any more questions, please contact either me or Jim - I am sure there are things we haven't thought of .  

We are leaning into God's providence and guidance for what he wants us to do.  Please pray for the team, the two churches, and all of our Builders for Christ group.  God can and does do miraculous things, but we wait on Him and His plan for us.

In Christ's name,

Kathy Ferrell

Builders for Christ


Cost:  $140 for people 13 years and up

$60 for people 12 years and younger

Click this link to register online.

Click this link to print out and mail or email the registration form.

*Please print out the form, fill it out, and mail the form and the fee made out to Elders Baptist to the following address:

Elders Baptist Church, c/o Jim Collins

1216 Liberty Road, Sykesville, MD 21784







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