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Each One Wins One

Elders Baptist Church 2024 Campaign



Throughout 2024, Elders Baptist is challenging its members to win their families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, teammates, and many others to the Lord. 

The goal is for each member to learn the Gospel, make ourselves available to God, and to invite someone to church and/or to enter into a relationship with Jesus.

Pastor Jim is preaching a year-long series of messages on the what, why, and how of sharing your faith with others on Sunday mornings during the worship time.

We have also designated four events during the year where we are encouraging our members to invite someone to attend. These events are as follows: Easter (March); Dinner on the Grounds (May); Church Picnic (August) and Christmas (December).

If you have any questions about this campaign, please contact the church office at 410-795-9481.