Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all Easter services and activities have been cancelled at the main campus of Elders Baptist Church.  However, there will be various virtual events and activities during the week leading up to Easter.  Listed below are the activities and a link from which you cna join them.

Teen Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

The Teen Ministry of Elders Baptist will be holding a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt from Sunday, April 5 - Sunday, April 12.  Students will be asked to decipher clues to find the eggs "hidden" all over the world.  The clues will be sent via social media apps and contain information for a country and a landmark within that country.  In order to find the Easter Egg, the teens must solve the two clues and send a text to Pastor Chad with both the landmark name and the country name.  The teen who finds the most will win a gift card to a local restaurant or to Amazon.

Drawing for Easter Baskets

We have Easter Baskets to give away this year!  So Elders Baptist is hosting an Easter Basket Drawing.  Register to today for the possibility if winning an Easter Basket.  The deadline to sign-up is Friday, April 10.  The drawing will be on Saturday, April 11.  We will contact you if your child's name is drawn on that Saturday. 

This drawing is for children only (Up to 5th Grade).  To sign-up, click this link:  Easter Baskets

Children's Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

The Children's Ministry will be hosting a virtual Easter Egg Hunt with the theme being "Where In The Church Is The Egg?"  Pictures with Easte Eggs in them will be posted on Social Media.  The children must figure out where in the church is the Easter Egg based on the picture.  The Hunt should begin on Saturday, April 11.  

Stay tuned for more information.



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