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Team Members Needed

Elders Baptist has several opportunities for you to volunteer and serve in the mission of the church to make disciples.  Each of these areas of service are opportunities on church grounds.  Please pray and ask God where you can serve, then join Him in the work.

To look at a specific area of service, click on one of the links below.  Or you can scroll through the page and examine each one.

Ushers/Greeters     Security Team     Bible Study Teachers     Vacation Bible School     Church Sign     Publicity/Social Media     Website Design     Transportation


Ushers/Greeters - Greeters meet people at the door or in the parking lot with a hearty handshake/hug and a smile.  This Team sets the mood for everyone who enters Elders Baptist.  Ushers guide people to classrooms or to a seat in the sanctuary.  This Team helps people find their way in our church or are ready to answer any questions they are asked.  A person can be both a Greeter and an usher.


Security Team - The Security Team is responsible for making sure the property is safe and secure doing the worship times and special events held on the campus.  This includes patrolling the halls and parking lot, securing doors and windows, and handling situations that may require an intervention.  The Security Team, along with the Pastor, work with medical personnel and law enforcement if necessary.


Bible Study Teachers - Bible Study Teachers lead a group of people into finding and applying the truths of the Bible either in a Discipleship Class or a Sunday School Class.  Teachers are responsible for preparing and presenting lessons, encouraging students, welcoming guests to the class, and praying for each member of the class.  The teacher is also to model Christ for their class in the room and in the world.



Vacation Bible School - VBS is a week long outreach event which focuses on bring people to Jesus and helping them in living life with Him.  (To find out more about VBS, click ).  There are many opportunities for you to get involved.  We need people to lead or help with the following:  Bible class, recreation, crafts, snacks, music, missions lesson, and guiding groups.  Check out the VBS page to find out when to sign-up to help.


Church Sign - This Team maintains the church sign next to the driveway.  Changing the sign, cleaning the letters, and returning to the letter cabinet are what needs to be done.


Publicity/Public Relations/Social Media - This Team is responsible for the community and social media presence of Elders Baptist Church.  Responsibilities include contacting media sources to promote events at the church and updating the Church's social media presence on sites, such as Facebook. Instagram, and Twitter.  This Team is also responsible for any promotion of events via the creating and distributing of flyers, posters, mailers, and etc. in the community.


Website Design/Maintenance - This Team is responsible for designing, updating, and maintaining the church website.  This Team is also responsible for gathering the resources (photos, videos, documents, etc.) needed to accomplish this job.  This task requires a weekly commitment at the least.


Transportation - This Team is responsible for transporting anyone who needs a ride to the church, special events, or to appointments in the community.