The Worship Ministry is responsible for the musical and technical portions of EBC's worship services and special events.  Pastor Steve is the person who heads this team.  This ministry includes the following teams:

The Praise Band is responsible for leading the musical section of the Worship services as well as providing music for special events.  The Praise Band includes instrumentalists and vocalists.

The Praise Band meets on Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM for rehearsals.  They also meet 30 minutes prior to the 8:15 AM service for warm-ups.


The Audio Visual/Media Ministry Team is responsible for making sure everyone sounds and looks good.  This team operates the sound board, the lights, media (i.e. videos and PowerPoint), and special effects (for special presentations). 

The members of this Team are on a rotation so no person serves two weeks in a row (unless there is an emergency).  Training is provided for both PowerPoint and the Sound Board.


The Livestream Team manages the livestream for worship services, weddings, and special events.  The Team is responsible for camera use and placement, the sound input for the livestream, and making sure that the livestream signal is uploading to the web.  Training is provided for this ministry.


Elders Baptist Church has two concerts/cantatas a year - one at Christmas and one at Easter.  These Choirs rehearse on Wednesday nights two months before the performances.  The rehearsal for Easter are January - March/April.  The rehearsals for Christmas are October-December.



There is always room for anyone who would like to participate on either of these teams.  Contact Pastor Steve or the church office to learn more about how you can serve on the Worship Team.